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Art’s Way Scientific Inc., Announces Two Medical Research Contracts

Armstrong, Iowa, July 1, 2014 — Art’s Way Manufacturing Co., Inc. (NASDAQ: ARTW), announces that Art’s Way Scientific, Inc (www.buildingsforscience.com) was awarded a sole source contract for a “High Output Swine Behavioral Unit” for the University of Illinois Department of Agricultural Nutritional Sciences Division. The testing unit, valued at $620,000, will support Dr. Ryan Dilgers work to study the nutritional effects of infant formula in brain development.

Art’s Way Scientific recently signed contracts for an additional $290,000 in business, including a swine research unit for Recombinetics, a company that develops genetic lines of swine bred to duplicate human diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Dan Palmer, President of Art’s Way Scientific said, “We are pleased by this uptick in business. The University of Illinois is a valued and repeat customer. These orders demonstrate the strength of our team and our unique capabilities within the Modular Animal Housing industry. These buildings fit our clients need’s perfectly because they create the ideal environment for swine, the research, and the people who work in them. Our ability to design, construct and install “ready to use” animal units in a short period of time, is a strong selling feature for us.”

J. Ward McConnell, Jr., Chairman of the Board, said, “We are beginning to see an increased interest for our modular buildings, particularly in the hog and dairy industries. As a result of these contracts and other bids in the pipeline, we are anticipating Art’s Way Scientific’s revenue, income, and gross margins to improve in the balance of fiscal 2014.”


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Art’s Way Scientific, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Art’s Way Manufacturing, Inc. It is recognized leading supplier of modular laboratories for biocontainment, animal husbandry science, public health, and food safety, hog and calf care and security requirements. Art’s Way Scientific custom designs, manufactures, delivers, and installs laboratories and research facilities to meet customers’ critical requirements. For more information, visit our website at www.buildingsforscience.com.

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Art’s Way manufactures and distributes farm machinery niche products including animal feed processing equipment, sugar beet defoliators and harvesters, land maintenance equipment, crop shredding equipment, round hay balers, plows, hay and forage equipment, manure spreaders, reels for combines and swathers, and top and bottom drive augers, as well as pressurized tanks and vessels, modular animal buildings and laboratories and specialty tools and inserts. Aftermarket service parts are also an important part of the Company’s business. The Company has four reporting segments: agricultural products; pressurized tanks and vessels; modular buildings; and tools.